Handling Requisition Order

This document explains how to specify a requisition order, create order lines, and release the order.

Allocation and dispatch

Requisition orders that result in a take out from stock action (transaction type 41) require allocation and dispatch. Allocation and dispatch are described in these documents:

See Allocation and Cross-Docking Concepts and Dispatch Handling.


A requisition order (transaction type 40 or 41) is created and released.

Requisition order head is stored in the (MGHEAD) table and the order lines in the (MGLINE) table.

Handling Requisition Order is used when in case of claim, when shipping goods back to the supplier, or when shipping material to a subcontractor.

Before you start

The conditions in Basic Settings for Requisition and Distribution Order must be fulfilled.

Follow these steps

Order entry for requisition order with transaction type 40 and 41

  1. Start 'Req/Distr Order. Open' (MMS100). A new order is created from the A-panel or the B-panel.

    A list of existing orders is displayed on the B-panel. Here, you define the panel sequence that should contain E and 1.

  2. Create a new order on the A or B panel by filling in the 'Order type' field and selecting New (1=' Create').

    Order types are essential for the order flow because they determine which fields should be displayed and whether information may be updated or only displayed on the subsequent panel sequence. Order types are created in 'Req/Distr Order Type. Open' (CRS200).

  3. The (MMS100/E) panel is displayed. Here ,some defaults values are displayed which are preset in 'Req/Distr Order Type. Open' (CRS200) and in 'Item. Connect Warehouse' (MMS002). You can override the default values on this panel. There are also some open fields where you can add information about the order header.

  4. If you make a positive transaction (stock transaction 40='Requisition order return'), you do not have to specify or change any fields here.

  5. On the 'Req/Distr Order. Open Lines' (MMS101/B) you have the option to specify the 'View' field and start 'View. Open' (CRS020).

  6. Define and select a view. The user-designed view is displayed on the (MMS101/B) panel. If it is blank, the standard screen will be displayed.

  7. The Panel sequence is defaulted from the order type (CRS200).

  8. Fill in the 'Item number' and Transaction Quantity fields. The Location field is optional.

    If you click twice in the 'Item number' field, 'Item Toolbox. Open' (MMS200) will start.

    If you click in the 'Transaction Quantity' field, Balance Identity. Open Toolbox' (MWS060) will start. Your on-hand balance is displayed here.

  9. From the (MMS100/B) and (MMS101/B) panels, you can use Option 44='Delivery line' to indicate your delivery number. This option starts 'Delivery. Open Line Toolbox' (MWS411).

  10. Pre-allocation can be performed for transaction type 41 by using Option 39='Pre-Allocation' on the (MMS101/B) panel. This starts 'Pre-Allocation. Perform Detailed' (MWS121).

  11. If there are values missing, or if there are warnings (Example: You specified a quantity greater than what is allocable from the selected location), then the (MMS101/F) panel will be displayed and will require you to input values.

  12. If all values are verified, the registered order line is displayed on the upper part on the (MMS101/B) panel with line status 15='Not released'.

  13. If you open or show an already created order line, the (MMS101/E) panel will be displayed.

  14. The order is now registered. Press Enter and go back to the (MMS100/B) panel.

  15. The complete registered order status is displayed on the (MMS100/B) panel. Depending on the settings in 'Req/Distr Order Type. Open' (CRS200) these are the statuses:

    22='Quantity remains to be allocated'

    33='Completely allocated'

    44='Picking list released'

    99='Transaction complete'

    If the stock transaction type is 40='Positive transaction', then the status is raised to 22 or 99 (if you put something into the location, you do not need allocation or a picking list).

  16. Order with transaction types 40

    If 'Return Document Control' is activated in (CRS200) print the documents on the (MMS100/B) panel, by selecting option 16='Return doc'. After printout, the delivery status is raised from 68 to 70.

  17. Pre-allocation, allocation and dispatch handling for requisition order with transaction type 41

    The allocation and dispatch rules regarding requisition orders with transaction type 41='Take out from stock', are the same as for customer orders and distribution orders.

  18. Allocation and dispatch can be performed and set up in many different ways. See Allocation and Cross-Docking Concepts and Dispatch Handling.

  19. Goods receiving for requisition orders

    Goods receiving and put away for requisition and distribution orders are managed the same way as in M3. See Goods Receiving DO/RO Using Different Methods.

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