Change Location for Container

This instruction explains how to move containers between locations. A container is for example a pallet on which deliveries and receipts are loaded. The container number in combination with item number, location and the quantity result in a unique balance identity.


A container is moved between two locations.

The entire container is moved with the related balance identities that are stored there.

All physical stock transactions are stored in the MITTRA table.

Before you start

Follow these steps

  1. Open 'Movement. Change Location – Container' (MMS105). All containers and their item numbers are displayed on the B panel.

  2. Fill in the Container field on the B panel and select a container/item number. This field activates a list from 'Container. Open' (MMS230).

  3. On the (MMS105/E) panel, fill in the 'To location' field and press Enter.

  4. The movement transaction is completed. The new location for the container is displayed on the (MMS105/B) panel.

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