Display Item per Location

This instruction explains how to display items per location.


All locations where an item is stored are displayed.

Items per locations are stored in the MITLOC table.

Locations are stored in the MITWHL table.

Before you start

In 'Item. Open' (MMS001/) you must enter 1 = Inventory accounted in the 'Inventory accounting' field.

Follow these steps

Display Balance Identities

  1. Open 'Balance Identity. Display' (MWS060).

    The name of this file is MITLOC. This is the file that allocation normally uses (soft allocations use MITBAL).

  2. If (MWS060) is opened from another program - via an option - a predefined information view could be displayed. See Connect Information Views from Different Programs .

  3. On the B panel the 'View' field controls the information to be displayed on this panel.

    Views are user-defined and are created in 'View. Open' (CRS020). Press F4 to display existing views. Press F4 again to start (CRS020). See Manage Views.

  4. The sorting order specified in the 'Sorting order' field determines sorting order and search capabilities. Press F4 to display existing sorting orders. Press F4 again and 'Sorting orders. Open' (CRS022) starts. Here you create sorting orders. See Manage Sorting Orders.

  5. Option 11 activates 'Balance Identity. Display Allocations' (MMS063).

  6. The 'Status Balance ID' field on the E panel displays the condition of the goods. The valid alternatives are:

    • 1 = Balance ID is under inspection.
    • 2 = Balance ID is approved.
    • 3 = Balance ID is rejected.
  7. The 'Priority date' field is either the last date entered into stock or the expiration date depending on whether the expiration date is activated in 'Item. Open' (MMS001/F). The 'Priority date' field is used for allocation according to the First In First Out (FIFO) method.

    Display Location Information

  8. Open 'Stock Location. Open' (MMS010). On the E and F panels information about the location is displayed.

  9. Option 11=Statistics opens 'Stock Location Statistics. Open' (MMS012).

  10. Option 12= Buff location, starts 'Stock Location. Connect Location Groups' (MMS011). This table is used during system-directed put-away to find locations close to the pick-face.

  11. Option 14=Balance ID, calls (MWS060) and should, by default, show a list of balance IDs that are in the selected location.

    Note: Before using option 14, go to (CRS014) and press F14 to generate the new link data so the correct sorting order is used.
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