Stock and Inventory Information

This document explains how to display and analyze information about stock and inventory.


The balance identity for an item is displayed on three different levels as follows:

The information is used for global planning, average price setting, planning, reservations, soft allocation, stock control, allocation, etc.

The following tables are updated:

Before you start

No prerequisites needed.


  1. Allocations per balance identity

    All locations where an item is stored are displayed in 'Balance Identity. Display' (MWS060).

  2. Allocations per warehouse

    On the warehouse level, balance IDs are displayed mainly in 'Item. Open Toolbox' (MMS200) and 'Item. Connect Warehouse' (MMS002/H). 'Availability. Display All Warehouses' (MMS081) displays items that are stored at several warehouses.

  3. Allocations per facility

    The highest level that we work with in MPM is the facility level. The balance IDs on this level are displayed in 'Item. Connect Facility' (MMS003).

  4. Stock transaction history

    Stock transaction history is displayed in 'Stock Transaction. Display History' (MWS070).

  5. Date analysis

    Date analysis (expiry date, last sales date, re-inspection date) on lot-controlled items is performed in 'Balance Identity. Analyze per Date Type' (MWS320)

  6. Recreate MITBAL and MITFAC

    If there is a problem with balance IDs, these two programs can be useful:

    'On-Hand. Re-Create in MITBAL via MITLOC' (MMS998) and

    'On-Hand. Re-Create in MITFAC via MITBAL' (MMS984).

    These programs also could be useful when installing M3 BE and the parameters have been changed.

  7. Consignment stock information

    If an item is under consignment, information about consignment stock quantities per owner and warehouse is displayed in 'Consignment Owner Quantities. Open' (MWS020).

    If the item is both lot controlled and under consignment, information about consignment stock quantities per warehouse, owner and lot number is also displayed in (MWS020).

  8. Pending consignment transactions

    If there is a problem with reporting issue of an item under consignment, information about the active job can be found in 'Pending Consignment Transactions. Open' (MWS025).

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