Change Location for Items

This instruction explains how to move items between locations within a warehouse.


Items are moved between locations.

This is one of few programs where you can move items with status 1=Under inspection and status 3=Rejected. This is very useful for inventory management and when you want to fill up smaller workstation locations from the main location (buffer location).

All physical stock transactions are stored in the MITTRA table.

Before you start

Follow these steps

  1. Open 'Movement. Change Loc - Item' (MMS175). The A panel is displayed. Fill in the Warehouse, 'Item number' and 'To location' fields.

  2. On the (MMS175/E) panel, fill in the 'Transaction quantity' and 'From location' fields.

  3. Pressing F17 starts 'Balance Identity. Display' (MMS060) where you can select a location to move the item from by using option 1 = Select.

  4. The (MMS175/A) panel is redisplayed. The most recent transaction is displayed at the bottom of the panel.

  5. Pressing F16 prints out the transaction in a list. The function is only available if the Print field is activated on the (MMS175/P) panel.

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