Manual Movement of Items, Balance IDs and Containers Between Locations

This process document explains how to move items, balance identities and containers from one location to another within the warehouse. The movement is manually initiated, as compared to planned move orders, which can be initiated automatically.

This process includes stock transaction programs connected to inventory management, and does not cover stock transactions related to manufacturing, customer order, etc.


Items, balance identities and containers are moved from one location to another within a warehouse.

This process is used for inventory management.

All physical stock transactions are updated in the MITTRA table.

Before you start

Follow these steps

Step activity

  1. Change Location for Items

    'Movement. Change Location – Item' (MMS175) is used to move items and specific quantities from one location to another. This is useful in a Kanban situation, which fills up the smaller workstation location from the main location.

  2. Change Location for All Items

    'Movement. Change Location – All Items' (MMS180) moves all items, lot numbers or containers from one location to another. This could be of use when moving a pallet, etc.

    Note: This should not be used if the movement is a common transaction. Use container management instead.

  3. Change Location for Single Location Stored Items

    'Movement. Change Location – Single Location Items' (MMS820) moves an item that is coded as a single location stored item.

  4. Change Location for Balance Identities

    'Movement. Change Location – Balance ID' (MMS177) moves balance identities. Balance identity refers to item number, location, lot number, container and quantity, as applicable.

  5. Change Location for Containers

    'Movement. Change Location – Container' (MMS105) moves containers from one location to another. The container number in combination with item number, location and the quantity result in a unique balance identity.

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