Run, Recreate, Display and Print Item Statistics

This instruction explains how to run, recreate, display and print item statistics. Item statistics are used to get accumulated information for an item over a period.


At the end of an MPM period, item statistics can be run and displayed. Item statistics can also be recreated.

The item statistic is used to see how many items have been purchased, manufactured, sold, used and scrapped. It can also be used to see positive and negative physical inventory variances.

Reasons for recreating statistics can include:

Each time a transaction is entered, the regular statistical table (MITSTA) is updated in accordance with the transaction settings.

Before you start

The conditions in Settings for Inventory Statistics must be fulfilled.

Follow These Steps

  1. When the decision to close the MPM period has been made, 'Item Statistics. Period Run' (MMS805) is opened. Fill in the 'Report version' field on the (MMS805/B) panel.

  2. Select whether the A or E panel should be the opening panel.

  3. On the (MMS805/E) panel, enter which values should be included in the calculation.

  4. Open the (MMS805/F) panel and select the period for which to run the calculation.

  5. Press Enter, periodic statistics have now been run.

  6. To recreate item statistics, open 'Item Statistics. Recreate History' (MWS805). Fill in the fields on the E panel and press Enter. The item statistics have now been recreated.

  7. The next step is to open 'Item Statistic. Display' (MMS090).

  8. Create a view by clicking in the 'View' field. Click again and 'View. Open' (MMS091) is started.

  9. Fill in the 'View' field on the (MMS091/B) panel.

  10. On the (MMS091/E) panel, up to six column headings can be selected and named. Selections are made from the fields displayed on the lower part of the screen. Enter the selected field numbers in the 'Field number' field. Up to five different field numbers can be connected to each column.

  11. Add, subtract, divide or multiply the different fields with each other by using an operand.

  12. The 'Column display' field (Dsp) indicates how the total in (MMS090) should be displayed. The 'Deviating number of decimal places' field (Dec) indicates the number of decimal places that should be used for a statistic column.

  13. Select the created view (option 1 = Select). The (MMS090/B) panel is redisplayed.

    Two sorting orders are available: Sorting order 1 display the statistics by period and sorting order 2 displays the statistics by year.

  14. Enter the (MMS090/E) panel. The fields in the MITSTA table are displayed. Budget and forecast quantity could be used as input for updating planning values such as safety stock, reorder point, etc.

  15. Item statistics is printed in 'Item Statistics. Print' (MMS680).

  16. A report indicating the different dates that have affected the item statistics (last receiving date, issue date, inventory date, etc.) is printed in 'Item Statistics. Print Date Analysis' (MMS665).

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