Inventory Statistics

This process document explains how inventory statistics are used to distribute accumulated information for an item or a location over a period.


Statistics about an item is displayed. Statistics can also be grouped together in item type, item group, product group, responsible planner, ABC-volume, ABC-frequency, ABC- contribution, stock zone or location. Statistics can also be recreated for a selected range of periods and warehouses.

Item and location statistics are the foundation for take actions to correct or improve the inventory effectiveness. Recreation of statistics allows experimenting a little with statistics settings and displaying the result.

Item statistics are stored in the stock transaction statistics table (MITSTA). This table is updated each time a transaction is entered. The update is done according to the settings on the transaction type in 'Stock Transaction Type. Open Standard' (CRS205) and 'Requisition/Distribution Order Type. Open' (CRS200).

Stock location statistics are updated in the stock location transaction statistics table (MITPCS). When a stock transaction is updated in the stock location transaction history table (MITTRA), it is also updated in the MITPCS table.

Before you start

The conditions in Settings for Inventory Statistics must be fulfilled.


  1. The MITSTA and MITPCS statistical files are updated each time a transaction is entered in accordance with the settings in 'Stock Transaction Type. Open Standard' (CRS205) and 'Requisition/Distribution Order Type. Open' (CRS200).

  2. At the end of every MPM period (as defined in 'Company. Connect Division' (MNS100/F) a periodic statistic run is done in 'Item Statistics. Period Run' (MMS805).

  3. To recreate item statistics, open 'Item Statistics. Recreate from History' (MWS805). Recreation of statistics is useful for testing how various settings in (CRS200) will affect statistics.

  4. To get summarized item statistic, run 'Item Statistics. Create Summary' (MMS810). Here you can also recreate summarized statistics.

  5. 'Item Statistics. Display' (MMS090) displays item statistics (the MITSTA file).

  6. 'Item Statistics. Display Totals' (MMS290) displays summarized item statistics (the MITSTS file).

  7. Reports are printed in 'Item Statistics. Print' (MMS680) and 'Item Statistics Print Date Analysis' (MMS665).

  8. Location statistics is displayed in 'Location Statistics. Display' (MMS012).

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