Lot Handling in the Purchasing Flow

This process document explains how lot control management is handled in the purchasing flow.


A lot number or an item with a serial number is created during goods receiving for purchased items.

A received quantity is split into the created lots.

This process is used to handle lots and serial numbers in the purchasing flow.

An item with a lot number is stored in the MILOMA table. Transaction history about a lot is stored in the MITTRA table.

Before you start

Follow These Steps

  1. Goods receipt is performed in 'Purchase Order. Receive' (PPS300). A lot number is created automatically or has to be created manually.

  2. In cases of serial number handling and/or lot splitting, then 'Purchase Order. Create Item Lots' (PPS315) must be started where lots/serial numbers are created. Information about lot and serial numbers is also specified here.

  3. The next activity is to split the transaction quantity into the created lots or serial numbers. This is done in 'Purchase Order. Split Lines' (PPS302/B). Press F14 on the (PPS300/E) panel to start this program.

  4. Note: The lot can be split later during quality inspection in 'Purchase Order. Inspect Goods' (PPS310) if this process is part of the goods receiving flow.

  5. Press F14 on the (PPS302/B) panel to confirm and complete the goods receiving and lot handling, and return to the (PPS300/B) panel.

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