Trace and Display Lot/Serial Number

This instruction explains how to trace and display information about a lot.

The purpose of tracing is to see an item's lot through the material flow. Tracing can be used when a complaint is made or when an inventory variance occurs. A lot is traced in 'Lot. Trace' (MMS140).


Lot tracing updates the transaction history table (MITTRA).

Before you start

The conditions in Lot/Serial Number Settings must be fulfilled.

Follow These Steps

  1. To trace a particular lot, open 'Lot. Trace' (MMS140).

  2. Select an available sorting order as follows:

    • 1 = Consists of analysis, where only receipts are displayed
    • 2 = Consists of analysis, where both receipts and deliveries are displayed
    • 3 = Included in analysis, where only deliveries are displayed
    • 4= Included in analysis, where both receipts and deliveries are displayed.
  3. Fill in the Item and Lot fields.

    The lines are displayed, starting with the latest transaction date and then in reverse chronological order. You can display transactions regarding goods receipts, deliveries, physical inventory variance and reclassification of status, item and/or lot number.

  4. On panel B1 of MMS140, select Related > QI Request if you want to navigate to 'QI Request. Open' (QMS300).

    Note: The '407 Quality Management' field in 'Company. Connect Division' (MNS100/K) must be defined as 'Quality management system' for this related option to be available.
  5. Select option 5 to see detailed information about each line, which starts the (MMS070/E) panel (the MITTRA table).

  6. Open 'Lot. Print Tracing' (MMS660) to print information about tracing lots.

  7. Use the E, F and G panels in (MMS660) to enter the settings for the printout.

  8. To display the different lots belonging to one item, these options are available:

    • 'Balance Identity. Display' (MMS060) includes various sorting orders to select from. Each sorting order displays information about the lot.
      • Lots with number 88888888 indicate a dummy number for the lot, such as in a backflashing situation where no MITLOC record existed for the specific item.
      • Lots with number 99999999 indicate a bulk item. Bulk items are coded in 'Item. Open' (MMS001/I).
    • 'Lot/Serial Number. Open/Connect to Item' (MMS235) includes various inquiries.

      If the item is coded to use the lot number as a serial number, then options 12 and 13 start 'Serial Number. Open Specification' (MMS236).

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