Create Lot/Serial Number

This instruction explains how to create a lot number and a serial number. A lot number is connected to one or more items. A serial number can only be connected to one item.


An item with a lot/serial number is created.

The primary use is to be able to:

The lot is stored in the lot master MILOMA table.

Before you start

The conditions in Lot/Serial Number Settings must be fulfilled.

Follow These Steps

  1. To create a particular lot, open 'Lot/Serial Number. Open/Connect to Item' (MMS235). Select the item for which to create the lot or serial number.

  2. A lot number is created either manually or automatically, depending on the setting in the 'Lot number method' field on the (MMS001/E) panel.

  3. Continue with the (MMS235/E) and (MMS235/F) panels.

    A lot number that can belong to one or more balance identities is created.

  4. To create a serial number specification, open 'Serial Number Specification' (MMS236) by using option 11 from (MMS235/B).

  5. Fill in the 'Manufacturer serial number' field (which can also be the supplier serial number).

  6. Fill in the fields on the (MMS236/E) panel.

  7. To create a serial number, open 'Serialized Item. Open' (MMS240) by using options 12 or 13 from (MMS235/B). Option 12 starts the (MMS240/E) panel and option 13 the (MMS240/B) panel.

    Note: The serial number is the same as the lot number. A new serial number will not be created. The result of this step is that you serialize a lot; that is, the lot/serial number can only belong to one balance identity.

  8. The Status field on the (MMS240/E) panel must be set to 20=Serviceable.

  9. To print labels, open 'Label. Print' (LIS601) by using option 26 from the (MMS235/B) panel.

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