Reclassify, Trace and Display Lot and Serial Number

This process document explains how to create, reclassify, trace and display a lot in the lot master table (MILOMA).


An item with a lot number is created or an item with a serial number is created. The lot is also reclassified, traced and displayed.

This process is used to control items in the material flow by setting unique identities such as lot numbers or serial numbers.

A lot master for the item must exist in order to be able to perform laboratory inspection (LI).

An item with a lot number is stored in the MILOMA table.

Before You Start

The conditions in Lot/Serial Number Settings must be fulfilled.

Follow These Steps

  1. Open 'Lot/Serial Number. Connect to Item' (MMS235). This is the program for creating a lot number. The lot number can be created either automatically or manually. This depends on the value in the 'Lot number method' field on the E panel in 'Item. Open' (MMS001/E).

    • If the lot is a serialized item and the 'Lot control method' field is set to 5 on the (MMS001/E) panel, then a serial number specification must be entered in 'Serial Number Specification' (MMS236). Option 11 in (MMS235) starts this program.
    • If the lot is a serialized item (the 'Lot control method' field is set to 2 on the (MMS001/E) panel), then serial number information can be entered in 'Serial Number. Connect to Item' (MMS240). Options 12 and 13 in (MMS235) start this program.
  2. A lot/serial number is reclassified in 'Balance Identity. Reclassify' (MMS130). Option 38 from (MMS235) starts this program. This program allows to:

    • change or split the lot/serial number
    • give the lot a new item number and/or a new lot number
    • change the status code
    • change valid dates such as expiration date, follow-up date and sales date.
  3. Lots are traced in 'Lot. Trace' (MMS140). The purpose of this is to trace an item through the entire material flow. For example, tracing can be used when a complaint is made or when an inventory variance occurs. Option 27 from (MMS235) starts this program.

  4. Labels are printed in 'Label. Print' (LIS601). Option 26 from (MMS235) starts this program.

  5. 'Balance Identity. Display' (MMS060) can be used to view the different lots that belong to one item. Select sorting order 9. Lots can also be displayed in 'Lot/Serial Number. Open/Connect to Item' (MMS235).

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