Lot Handling

This document lists the routines for lot handling.

A lot consists of one or more quantities that possess identical characteristics. Every lot has an identity that allows that particular lot to be managed on an individual basis. This identity is the lot number or a serial number. A serial number is a type of lot number that is only allowed to carry one balance identity per item. For example, each car has a unique serial number.

There are usually two main reasons for using lot handling:

Note: Simple Lot Tracking is not lot handling. Lot tracking is when you want to track lots to customer orders without handling lots in your own stock.


A lot number is created for an item. There are three main ways to create a lot number:

Lot handling is used to control purchased and manufactured items in the material flow by setting unique identities—lot numbers or serial numbers.

A lot master for the item must exist in order to be able to perform quality inspection.

The following tables are used for lot handling.

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