Manage Field Lengths using (CRS735)

The purpose of this program is to give the user the possibility of increasing the field length for item name and item description on a company level in a configurable view.


The field length can only be increased, never decreased.


This table describes the purpose of each of the applicable fields in 'Settings - Field Length' (CRS735) and provides the names of the specific item name and item description fields that are impacted by the field length adjustment.

Field description User guidance
Field without prefix

…indicates a field that has been extended in the database and where the field length used in configurable views is available to increase.


ITDS represents the Item name. This field controls all configurable views that include these fields:

  • ITDS (Item name)
  • PITT (Purchase order item name)
  • SITT (Supplier item name)
  • KTDS (Kit item name)
  • SVDS (Service expense name)

FUDS represents the Item description. This field controls all configurable views that include these fields:

  • FUDS (Item description)
  • TEDS (Technical description)
  • PITD (Purchase order item description)
  • SITD (Supplier item description)
Field length

…specifies the field length that will be used as the default length in configurable views. This field also controls the length of the input fields on the detail panels.

You must regenerate the configurable view using Related option 12='Regenerate' after increasing the field length to ensure that the new field length is available in the configurable view.

Note that this field length does not control the field length on any output fields on the detail panels, nor on any fixed list views.

Maximum field length

…defines the maximum field length available to the configurable views where it appears.

This corresponds to the database field length. This is not editable.

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