Connect Warehouse to Warehouse Group

This document explains how you connect a warehouse to a selected warehouse group. This allows you to place warehouses into categories (i.e. supplier, manufacturing plant, distribution center, or market).


Warehouse groups are created as a means of categorizing the warehouse assigned to each group.

Before You Start

Warehouses must be created in 'Warehouse. Open' (MMS005), as described in the document, Create Warehouse.

Follow These Steps

  1. Launch 'Warehouse. Connect to Whs Group' (MMS009).

  2. Enter a new ID in the 'Warehouse group' field.

  3. Select the Create option.

  4. On the E panel, select a value from the 'Node icon type' drop-down field to indicate whether the warehouse group is to be categorized as a supplier, manufacturing plant, distribution center, or market.

  5. Select the 'Build inventory' check box if the items in the warehouse/warehouse group are being managed using an engineering change order (ECO).

    Note: The Engineering Change Order Management module must be installed to enable this function.
  6. Click Next to save your changes.

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