Manage Freight Cost Distribution

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Refer to these documents:

See Freight Cost Management

See Basic Settings for Freight Cost and Freight Cost Calculation

See Manage Freight Cost Calculation

See Settings for Freight Cost Distribution

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When a shipment or delivery is reported as issued, the calculated freight cost can be distributed automatically if the setting 'Auto distribution at issue' in (PPS100) is enabled. If it is not enabled, the freight cost must be distributed manually. This is performed in (DRS500) using function key F17=Distribute.

When the freight cost is distributed, the status of the freight header becomes 50 ('Distributed').

When the freight cost is distributed, and if the freight costing model is connected to a shipment, the shipment is automatically marked as closed at this point. This is to avoid more deliveries getting automatically connected to the shipment after the cost is distributed.

Note: Closed" in this case does not mean that the shipment status is 90/90. The shipment is blocked for new deliveries.

If the freight costing model is connected to a delivery, the freight cost elements are automatically calculated when the delivery is reported as issued. After this, it can be distributed either automatically or manually.

Depending on the setup in (PPS100), the freight cost can be distributed at two levels:

For an overview of freight cost distribution, use function key F18='Distributed freight cost' in (DRS500). This opens 'Distributed Freight Cost. Open' (DRS510). If you open (DRS510) from the freight cost of a shipment, the 'Rate aggregation level' field will be initiated with 1 ('Shipment'). For delivery, the same field will be 2 ('Delivery'). The distribution will be shown on the delivery line level according to the distribution setup in (PPS100).

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