Freight Purchase Orders

This document describes the functionality for generating and maintaining freight purchase orders used for freight shopping. The order is initiated from the freight costing model for a shipment/delivery, using a purchase order type with order category 90 ('Freight') and a non-inventory item purchased as a service from a forwarding agent. The purchase order type is set in 'Transportation Service. Open' (DRS025).

Freight purchase orders are valid for both outbound and inbound deliveries and are strictly limited to the freight costing workflow.

This functionality also allows invoicing by an external forwarding agent for the entire or part of the freight cost.


You cannot enter purchase orders manually using an order type with order category 90 ('Freight').

Before you start

Refer to these documents:

Settings for freight purchase orders

Settings for freight purchase order on the purchase order batch origin

In order to get purchase order created from the freight purchase transaction, a batch origin must be set in the field 'Batch origin - freight' in 'Settings - Purchasing' (CRS780). The batch origin is created in 'Purchase Order Batch Origin. Open' (PPS090).

Settings for freight purchase order on the freight PO type

In 'Purchase Order Type. Open' (PPS095), there are a few fields that can be set depending on how automatic freight purchase flow is desired.

Manage freight purchase orders

The freight purchase order can be initiated manually in (DRS500) or automatically created.

(PPS500) displays the record for the created freight purchase transaction, which shows status 10 ('Record created') if no automatic creation has occurred. For automatic creation of the purchase order, the 'Purchase transaction level' field in (DRS025) must be set to 1 (Freight purchase transactions are automatically released from (PPS500) to create PO via PO batch entry.)

To create the purchase order manually in (PPS500), the 'Purchase transaction level' field in (DRS025) must be set to 2 (Release freight purchase transactions manually from (PPS500)). Then either function key F14='Update PO' or related option 9='Update' is used in (PPS500). The freight purchase record status is then set to 90 ('Purchase order created').

To create a purchase order batch, open 'Purchase Order Batch. Open' (PPS370). In (PPS370), a PO batch order has been created and is in status '20 – Order entry completed'; if not, the purchase order is automatically processed. Use related option '30 - Process' and the status is set to '90 – Transferred, no errors'. After this, the freight purchase order will exist as a purchase order in (PPS200). If the prerequisites in 'Purchase Order Type. Open' (PPS095) are set for a manual flow, the statuses are '15/15 – Ready for printout'. You can now handle the freight purchase order as a usual purchase order.

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