Connect Bulk Item to Packaged Item

This document explains how to associate a bulk item to a packaged item, resulting in the creation of a packaged item (also referred to as an item pack).

In the process manufacturing industry, items are produced in bulk either through physical or chemical means and then packed into different sized containers. For purposes of costing, planning, manufacturing and fulfillment, a connection is required between the bulk item and its pack configuration (i.e. pack).


An item is created containing information such as item type, lot handling, and whether the item is manufactured or purchased, and so on.

Items are stored in the (MITMAS), (MITMPR) and (MITMAD) tables. When a item is connected to a bulk item via 'Item Pack. Connect' (MMS023), the (MITPAK) table stores the item number, bulk item, bulk quantity and bulk U/M (unit of measure) for that cross-reference record.

Note: You cannot update the 'Bulk quantity' field when the item is created with a packaged item product structure because the item has a product structure set up.

In addition, you cannot define a phantom item (i.e. having an Item category of '2') as a packaged item (i.e. an item pack), nor use a phantom item as a bulk item when connecting an item to a pack.

Also, the 'Bulk U/M' value must be the base U/M defined for the bulk item, OR you may use any alternate U/M created on Item. Connect Alternate U/M (MMS015) for this particular bulk item.

For more details on product structures, refer to this document: Creating a Product Structure

This diagram illustrates the setup of item and item pack records and how this setup relates to the product structures used in Process manufacturing:

Before you start

You must create item records that represent the 'Bulk item' before you can create a packaged item (i.e. an item pack). See Create Item.

Follow these steps

  1. Start 'Item. Open' (MMS001).

  2. On the B panel, enter an Item to represent the packaging portion of the item and select the Create option.

  3. On the E, F and G panels, enter relevant item data.

  4. Highlight an item in the grid and select Related > Item Pack (or CTRL+55) to launch 'Item Pack. Connect' (MMS023).

  5. On the B panel, select a bulk item in the field above the grid and select the Create option.

  6. On the E panel, enter bulk item values for the 'Bulk quantity' field and 'Bulk U/M' field.

  7. Click Next to save the item.

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