M3 Fashion Matrix Plug-ins for Distribution Order

M3 Fashion Matrix plug-ins for distribution order provide an improved interface for distribution order processing in M3 BE for Fashion-related orders. It lets the user create and manage orders in matrix form, as well as attach images to be shown in the product through Infor Document Management (IDM).

Adding a transaction to MDBREADMI

This process is required for M3 Fashion Matrix plug-ins to work properly.

  1. Using the API Tools or the M3 BE programs, specify:

    • 'MI Repository. Open' (MRS001)
    • 'MI Transaction. Open' (MRS002)
    • 'MI Transaction. Layout' (MRS003)
  2. Add this transaction: MDBREADMI.LstMITMAH10.

    Input: STYN (Mandatory), ITNO (Not mandatory)


Adding script to open the matrix

This procedure is required to initialize the button that will open M3 Fashion Matrix.

  1. Open 'Req/Distr Order. Open' (MMS100)

  2. Click Tools > Personalize > Scripts.

  3. Create a new script by entering 'ViewMatrix' in the field 'Script' and click Add. Leave the field 'Argument' blank.

Starting M3 Fashion Matrix

  1. After M3 Fashion Matrix has been installed, the View matrix option is available in 'Req/Distr Order. Open' (MMS100/B).

  2. Select a distribution order in the sub file and click View matrix to open the selected distribution order in M3 Fashion Matrix.

    Note: The distribution order must have an order type with transaction reason 51 - Distribution Order Issue. Otherwise, an error message is displayed when starting M3 Fashion Matrix plug-ins. Since a line must be selected in (MMS100), a distribution order head must be created in and outside M3 Fashion Matrix in 'Req/Distr Order. Open Lines' (MMS101).
  3. From M3 Fashion Matrix, navigate back to (MMS100) by clicking Hide matrix.

Information from the distribution order header

Information from the distribution order header is displayed in the upper section of M3 Fashion Matrix.

Handling style item – Visibility

On the left side of the middle section in M3 Fashion Matrix, there is a list that displays every combination of style number, delivery date and warehouse in a distribution order. This list is empty only if a distribution order header and no lines were created before launching M3 Fashion Matrix.

When selecting a line in this list, a matrix displays the Stock Keeping Units or SKUs with their corresponding style numbers, transaction dates, and warehouses. The dimensions X and Y are shown in the matrix, while the Z-option can be updated manually. The displayed information is retrieved from the style settings through MI-transactions. Each matrix element represents an SKU of that specific style with a combination of an X-option and a Y-option.

The matrix also displays line total, column total, and the grand total quantities for the SKUs in the matrix. To only display the lines in the matrix that contain quantity, click Collapse. To expand the matrix, click Expand.

Select an SKU in the matrix to show detailed information such as status, to warehouse and from warehouse in the lower section of M3 Fashion Matrix. You can also use IDM to connect an image to a certain item based on style. The image is displayed when the item is highlighted in M3 Fashion Matrix.

Creating new distribution order lines

A user can create new order lines using M3 Fashion Matrix plug-ins. To load the matrix, select a style number line in the list. The user can then update the quantity of an SKU, quantities in a current distribution order line in M3 BE, or add a new distribution order line in M3 BE.

To add a new distribution order line in M3 BE, specify a quantity to an SKU where the current quantity is zero. To update the quantity, select the matrix element and click Enter. The changed quantities will be marked in red. To generate the changes in the matrix, click Update matrix. This updates distribution order lines or generates new distribution order lines through MI-transactions.

Placing an order for new styles

A user can also place an order for new styles that are not in the distribution order. Click New style to open a new window and select a specific style number, delivery date, and warehouse. Click Add to create a new line in the Style list. Select the line to display a matrix with zero quantities in all matrix elements. Specify the required quantities as necessary.

Handling normal items

Normal items are discrete items that can be added to a distribution order in M3 Fashion Matrix. The order line that contains the normal item is displayed as a line in the list. If selected, detailed information about the normal item, such as status, to warehouse, and from warehouse are displayed in the lower section of M3 Fashion Matrix.

Adding normal items to a distribution order

  1. In M3 Fashion Matrix, click New item to open a new window that shows the item number, quantity, delivery date, and warehouse. Specify the quantities for these fields.

  2. Click Add to create a new order line through MI-transactions.

Updating normal item quantities in a distribution order

  1. In M3 Fashion Matrix, select an order line, then specify the quantities for the normal item.

  2. Click Update line to update the order quantity and delivery date through MI-transactions.

Season handling

Season handling and season filters are not available for the distribution order process in M3 BE and M3 Fashion Matrix.

Infor Document Management

You can use Infor Document Management to upload and connect images to the Fashion Matrix.

  1. To start Infor Document Management in M3 H5/Infor Mingle, click the Application Menu icon and select Document Management.

  2. Select Add Document, then select M3 Fashion from the list.

  3. Drag the picture to Drop File Here. Optionally, you can click Drop File Here to upload the image through a standard file dialog.

    Note: The resolution of uploaded images affects Infor Document Management performance. As image attribute, you need to specify the corresponding style to connect to the image. Even though the document type has color as an input field, M3 Fashion Matrix plug-ins browse the IDM based on only the style.
  4. Click Save, then click Check in to upload the image.