API Overview of M3 Transportation Execution Interface

This document describes the different API transactions available for the Transportation Execution Interface (TEI).

For detailed description about M3 Interface programs and their transactions, see the API Repository in M3 API Tools.

M3 Transportation Execution Interface (TEI) API overview

The different API transactions described in this document are meant to be used together with the Transportation Execution Interface (TEI). With the use of these transactions, you can retrieve logistics and commercial information from M3 BE and send them to Infor Enterprise Collaborator (IEC). IEC then creates an output file to be sent to an external Transportation Execution System (TES).

Other API transactions that are not described in this document can be used in each implementation. The ones listed are the central transactions that most commonly appear in each implementation.

The following figure describes the most common APIs involved when TEI is implemented.

M3 Transportation Execution Interface (TEI) API overview

The list below should provide an overview of the most common APIs involved.

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