Create Location Group

This document explains how to create a location group to be assigned on one or more location records.


A location group is created and may be assigned to one or more locations.

The location group is referenced in the preferred warehouse location group table. This table is used during system-directed put-away to find the best locations for the put-away of goods, as defined in 'Location. Connect Location Groups' (MMS011).

Locations are stored in the (MITPCE) table.

Before you start

There are no prerequisites for creating a location group.

Follow These Steps

  1. Start 'Location Group. Open' (MMS036) and on the B panel, enter a Location group and select the Create option.

  2. On the E panel, enter a description and name for this location group.

  3. Click Next to save the record.

  4. Start 'Stock Location. Open' (MMS010) and go to the E panel to enter the desired location group ID for the selected location.

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