Internal Accounting for Freight Cost

This document describes internal accounting for freight cost. Internal accounting for freight cost can only be performed when the freight cost has been distributed.

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Refer to these documents:

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Settings for internal accounting for freight cost

Manage internal accounting for freight cost

All distributed freight cost transactions are generated on accounting event DR10 and accounted on accounting type 940 (Freight cost) and 941 (Offset account freight cost). If there is a rounding difference between calculated total amount and distributed total amount, it will be accounted on accounting type 280 (Rounding off).

Note: The status of the calculated freight rate header must have status 50 (Distributed) to be included when CAS953 will create the internal account entries.

To avoid any discrepancy between what is calculated, distributed and accrued, the status of the calculated freight rate header is set to 80 (Internal accounting started) when in (CAS953), an update to an internal account entry is for a specific transaction number is approved. When the internal account entry is finished, the status is set to 90 (Accounted)

The internal account entry is triggered in (CAS950) by first activating parameter 'Other transaction' and then clicking Next. After that, the distributed freight cost transactions can then be displayed in (CAS300).

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