M3 TEI Transfer Triggers

This document provides an overview of the following TEI transfer trigger cases and settings:

Settings for Automatic Triggering of TEI Transfer

Basic settings for managing the triggering and the document output to TEI

The outlined settings are divided into the following parts:

The entire workflow for creating the settings for automatic is done the same way regardless of the automatic trigger points that are used in the inbound or outbound flow.

Automatic Triggering of TEI Transfer

Workflow overview: A TEI transfer request triggered by an event in M3 BE

Manual Triggering of TEI Transfer per Function

You can print the TEI transfer document manually, if needed, from MWS410, DRS100 and MWS423. To retrieve both the triggering control data to know what document number and variant to use, and the correct output control data to know which TEI partner to be used in each specific case, you need to enter the same settings as for automatic triggering.

Note: This action can be done almost anytime in the delivery / shipments dispatch cycle.

This functionality can primarily be seen as a back up to an automatic trigger. But it can also be used to print, for example, package labels via an external Transportation Execution Systems on demand.

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