Leasing Curve

After a leasing line has been created, the leasing curve connected to this line can be manually updated in 'Rental Line. Convert to Leasing' (STS106) using related option 46='Calculate Leasing' in 'Rental Agreement. Open Lines' (STS201).

This is performed when the agreement with the customer is changed in some way. For example after a renegotiation of the price, the period length, or the interest of the leasing line.

The leasing curve can be changed during the whole lifetime of the agreement line. It is also possible to add more periods to the curve if the agreement period is prolonged. If adding new periods, the 'Valid to' date in (STS201) is also updated.

Before you start

A leasing line must exist in (STS201) with curves connected in 'Leasing Curve. Open' (STS108).

Follow these steps

  1. Open (STS201) for the rental agreement and select the leasing line where the leasing curve should be adjusted.
  2. Use related option 46='Calculate Leasing' to open (STS106) for the selected line.
  3. In (STS106), do the necessary changes such as price, period, interest rate.

    When confirming, a new curve is created with new periods calculated from the date of the change.

To view the new curve, use the display button in (STS106) or related option 43='Leasing Curve. Open' in (STS201). Both options open 'Leasing Curve. Open' (STS108).

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