Invoice History per Equipment

This document describes how to list the invoice history per equipment. The program 'Rental Invoice. Display Line History' (STS352), can show the invoice history for an equipment.


STS352 lists the invoice history per customer site of one agreement number. The new sorting order – 2 will list the invoice history of all the agreement numbers under an item/equipment.

Related option 11=Line details can still be accessed using the new sorting order.


The sorting order – 2 can only be accessed through 'Rental Equipment. Search' (STS300), and 'Rental Equipment Planning Board. Open' (STS495).

Follow these steps

  1. From 'Rental Equipment. Search' (STS300), use related option 19=Dsp history or from 'Rental Equipment Planning Board. Open' (STS495), use related option 25=Dsp history.

  2. The STS352 will be displayed and sorting order – 2 will be automatically used. All invoiced agreement numbers will be listed per item number.

    Related options 11=Line details can be accessed from the new sorting order.


The output fields included in 'Rental Price. Simulate' (STS107/E) are:

These MI transactions are created for STS350MI:

MI transaction Description Mandatory fields
ListInvHistLine List invoice history line by customer site, similar to STS352 sorting order 1 Year, Invoice prefix, Invoice number, Agreement number, and Payer
LslInvHistDet List invoice history details per agreement number, similar to related options line details/STS353 Year, Invoice prefix, Invoice number, Agreement number, Payer, Customer site, and Or-der line number
LstInvHistPrItm List invoice history per item, similar to STS352 sorting order 2 Item number