Rental Price Simulation

This document describes how rental prices can be simulated. The program 'Rental Price. Simulate' (STS107), with an equivalent STS107MI program, can simulate the total rental price or total sales price without having to create an agreement.


The program 'Rental Agreement. Simulate Totals' (STS105) can simulate the price of a rental agreement, but needs to have an agreement to retrieve the information needed to simulate the price. The program (STS107) and STS107MI will allow the simulation of rental price for a single order line without the need to create an agreement. Based on customer and item number the totals will be simulated.


The simulated price may or may not reflect the prices that will be invoiced in an agreement because final price depends on a number of factors which are line charges, VAT/Tax and stand down period.  

(STS107) and STS107MI will only be able to simulate the agreement price of one order line per transaction.

Follow these steps

  1. Start 'Rental Price. Simulate' (STS107).

  2. Specify values for the following fields:

    Agr Customer, Item number, Order qty, Agr order type, Rental depot and Line type.

  3. These fields are by default set to, or automatically retrieved from various sources:

    Field Default value Retrieved from
    Agr period (valid from) Today’s date  
    Agr period (valid to) 999999  
    Price list   Rental depot
    Line type 5 – Hire  
    Currency   Customer master (OCUSMA)
    Rate type   Agr order type
    Rate factor   Agr order type
    Days/week   Agr order type

    The hourly and net hourly rate is only visible if the best price method is set to 3, (graduated, hourly) from the agreement order type.

  4. Press Enter to simulate the price.


Rental rate, total rental will be calculated if line type is set to Rental. If line type is set to Sales, the total sales price and cost price are calculated.

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