Update of Leasing Curve using Variable Interest Rate

Leasing curves are automatically updated if the interest type connected to the leasing line is set up as variable interest in 'Leasing Interest Type. Open' (LTS402) and this interest type is updated in 'Leasing Interest Type. Enter Value' (LTS403) for the agreement period.

If the interest type is set up as a fixed interest rate (setting in (LTS402)), the change of the interest rate percentage does not affect any existing leasing lines. This new value is set as a default value for new leasing lines created for the updated period.

Before you start

An interest type must exist in (LTS402) and it must be set up as variable interest to affect existing leasing lines connected to this interest type.

Follow these steps

  1. Open (LTS402).

    Select the interest type and use related option 11='Crt/chg value' to open (LTS403).

    If a new interest type should be created, use option 1='Create' in (LTS402) before you open (LTS403).

  2. Set the date from when the new interest rate percentage is valid and use option 1='Create' to create a new record in (LTS403).
  3. Set a new percentage value to be valid from the set date and confirm.

    When confirming, and if the interest rate was set up as variable, a check and update will be triggered for all leasing lines meeting the criteria .

    Only periods in (STS108) with a start date equal or later than the 'Valid from' date set in (LTS403) are affected.

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