Simulate Rental Agreement Totals

This document describes how rental prices can be simulated. The program 'Rental Agreement. Simulate Totals' (STS105), can simulate the total rental price based on an agreement.


The program 'Rental Agreement. Simulate Totals' (STS105) can simulate the price of a rental agreement, but needs to have an agreement to retrieve the information needed to simulate the price. The program will simulate an actual agreement based on full quantity or delivered quantity.

Follow These Steps

  1. Start 'Rental Agreement. Simulate Totals' (STS105).

  2. Enter values for the following fields:

    Agreement number and, if it is a quotation, also the version.

  3. The following fields are by default set to, or automatically retrieved from various sources:

    Field Default value Retrieved from
    Agr period (valid from) Agreement valid from date  
    Agr period (valid to) Agreement valid to date  
    Agr customer   Agreement
    Currency   Customer master (OCUSMA)
    Simu based on 1 - Full qty, end dt  
  4. Press Enter to simulate the totals.


The simulation will give total rental revenue split up into cross-hire and normal rental. Tax is also calculated. Rental cost is also calculated, both depreciation cost and sales cost.

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