Exchange Rental Item

This document explains how to exchange a rental item or piece of equipment in a rental agreement.

Use this document when the rented item or piece of equipment is not functioning as expected and you want to exchange it.


An individual item/piece of equipment is exchanged.

When an existing item or piece of equipment is out on rent and needs replacing (due to malfunction or damage), this item or piece of equipment needs to be replaced.

The following tables are updated when you exchange a rental item:

Before you start

Follow These Steps

  1. Start 'Rental Agreement. Open' (STS100).

  2. Select an agreement and click option 11='Lines'.

    'Rental Agreement. Open Lines' (STS101/B1) is displayed.

  3. Select an agreement line that needs to be exchanged.

    The rental agreement line must have status 40='Termination'

  4. Click option 35='Crt Exchange' to exchange the individual item.

    • The order quantity of the agreement line must be one individual item.
    • The Line type of the rental agreement must be 5='Hire of item'.

      The exchanged item information can be viewed using option 36='Display Exchanges'. This will display the history of exchanges for the entire rental agreement.


    • A new rental line with status 20 is created and displayed below the original rental line in 'Rental Agreement. Open Lines' (STS101/B1).
    • The new rental agreement lines are generated automatically and additional charges (Meter and Fuel Meter) and line charges are added.
    • New Distribution Orders will also be generated for the new rental agreement line.
  5. Double-click the new rental line to display 'Rental Agreement. Open Lines' (STS101/E).

  6. If necessary, change information in the following fields:

    • 'Valid from'
    • 'Valid to'
    • 'Termination date'
    • 'Invoice range'


    • The date of the rental agreement line will automatically be updated to a date next to the previously terminated date.
    • All exchange strings are displayed in 'Rental Agt Header Exchange String no' (STS170/B).

    Invoice proposals can be generated in 'Rental Invoice Proposal. Update' (STS810/B) once the new line is processed and delivered to the customer.

    • When a rental agreement line is invoiced and a final invoice is created, the Meter Overusage is calculated.
    • If the meter usage type is 15, the check-in reading is subtracted from the check-out reading and the result is compared to the Accrued Hours. Any overusage is invoiced at the overusage rate.

      Details, such as line details, pricing information, consumption/usage, invoice period etc., can be viewed in 'Rental Invoice Proposal. Update Line Detail' (STS812/B).

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