Check Out Rental Agreement

This document explains how you check out a rental agreement. The purpose of the checkout process is to keep track of the physical movements of the rental equipment. The equipment is checked out in M3 when it is delivered to the customer.


At checkout, the rental object's customer placement is updated with the location to which the object should be delivered according to the rental agreement. Additionally, the rental item's status is updated to "checked out" and the rental agreement is activated to make invoicing possible.

The system can generate a service agreement, to control what the customer should and should not pay for, when the equipment is checked out.

The following files are updated:

Before you start

A rental agreement for this equipment must be entered.

Follow These Steps

  1. Start 'Rental Agreement. Open' (STS100).

  2. Enter the desired agreement with option 21='Delivery' to proceed to 'Individual Item. Check Out' (STS135).

    Sorting order 11 is used to check out an entire rental agreement at one time.

  3. Select option 15='Delivery' to proceed to the picking list header for delivery, 'Picking List. Report' (MWS420).

    The picking and delivery for the agreement must be carried out on the connected distribution orders. See Distribution Order Flow.

  4. If necessary, select a reference order category.

    This is used to define the origin of the reference order number.

  5. Enter the desired delivery number with option 11='Pick list lines' to proceed to 'Picking List. Report Lines' (MWS422).

  6. Select the desired line with option 11='Allocation' to proceed to 'Allocation. Performed Detailed' (MMS121).

    The quantity is soft allocated, which means that a non-specific item is allocated. You retrieve a hard allocation in (MMS121), which means that a specific item is allocated.

  7. Select the serial numbers that have been picked to retrieve a hard allocation.

    The agreement will be updated with a delivery number.

  8. Select Exit to return to 'Picking List. Report Lines' (MWS422).

  9. To confirm:

    • Each agreement line, select option 16='Confirm issue'
    • The entire delivery, select Exit to proceed to 'Picking List. Report' (MWS420) and select option 16.

      The delivery line receives status 90 (delivered) and the rental agreement line is given status 50 (active). If the item is serialized, the status of the corresponding individual item type 3 is set to 50 (rented). If a service agreement type has been entered in (STS101), a service agreement with the same agreement number as the rental agreement number will be created.

  10. Select Exit to return to (STS135).

    If '7' is set in the panel sequence in (STS135), you will proceed to (SOS335) after you exit the picking list reporting (MWS422). See Check Out Meter or Fuel Reading.

  11. Select one of the following alternatives:

    • Choose Exit to return to (STS100).
    • Continue with Check Out Meter or Fuel Reading.
  12. Check Out Meter or Fuel Reading

    Click Enter to proceed to:

    • 'Meter Event. Report Readings' (SOS335) if '7' is set in the panel sequence in (STS135).

      It is also possible to reach (SOS335) by using option 17 in (STS135) or option 14 in (STS220).

    • 'Rental Agreement. Connect Additional Charge' (STS103/E) if '8' is set in the panel sequence in (STS135).

      It is also possible to reach (STS103) by using option 18 in (STS135).

  13. Click Enter to confirm.

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