Monitoring Availability of Items to Be Delivered

This document explains how you monitor the availability of items to be delivered to the customer. The balance identity for an item can be displayed on two different levels: location level and warehouse level.


You can manufacture or buy new items if there is a shortage. It is also important to keep control of the items. Otherwise there is a risk that you end up with the wrong size and mix of models, a low utilization rate and a bad margin.

The files SINDIV and STDIAR are updated.

Before you start

Follow these steps

  1. Check Balance of Items

    You display items per location in 'Balance Identity. Display' (MWS060). (A predefined information view can be displayed if (MWS060) is opened from another program via an option.) Lot number, serial number, container and receiving number are managed in (MWS060).

    You check availability in 'Material Plan. Check Shortages ATP' (MMS165), which is reached via option 23 in (STS101). During the availability check, the system checks the warehouse, delivery date and quantity for the rental agreement line.

  2. Check Balance of Items in All Warehouses

    You display all planned transactions for the combination of item and warehouse in 'Material Plan. Open' (MMS080). On-hand balance, safety stock level, order quantity, lead time and planning time fences are managed in (MMS080).

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