Check in Rental Agreement

This document explains how to check in a rental agreement. The purpose of the check-in process is to keep track of the physical movements of rental equipment.

Equipment that has previously been checked out through the rental agreement can only be checked in. During check-in, the customer location and warehouse location of an individual item are updated in the warehouse location where check-in occurs.


The rental agreement is completed when a termination date is entered on the agreement line or when the rental item is checked in. If a termination date is indicated on the agreement line, you can also print a termination note for return of the equipment from the customer.

Where required, service can be started once the individual item/equipment has been checked in.

You can also have the service order generated automatically during check-in by selecting the parameter in (STS101/E).

The following files are updated:

Before you start

Follow These Steps

  1. Start 'Rental Agreement. Open' (STS100).

  2. Enter the agreement number and select option 22='Return' to proceed to 'Individual Item. Check In' (STS130/B1).

    You can start 'Individual Item. Check-in' (STS130/B1) directly from the menu.

  3. Enter the Facility and select option 15 ='Return' to proceed to 'Picking List. Report' (MWS420).

    The connected delivery numbers are displayed.

  4. Enter or select a delivery number and select option 11 ='Pick list lines' to proceed to 'Picking List. Report Lines' (MWS422/B1).

    You can also enter the required delivery number and select option 16='Cfm issues'. The pick list lines that have not been hard allocated will now be prompted for hard allocation in (MMS121).

  5. Select the delivery line and click option 11='Allocation'.

    'Allocation. Perform Detailed' (MMS121/B1) is displayed.

  6. Enter the allocated quantity in 'Alloc qty' and press Enter.

    'Alloc qty' – This field indicates the allocated quantity, which is the quantity recorded against a specific balance identity. The allocated quantity is entered in basic U/M.

    The quantity is soft allocated, and only the serial number that was checked out against the corresponding agreement line is available for hard allocation (this prevents erroneous returns and ensures that meter readings use the same serial number at check-in as at check-out). For unserialized items, you can only hard allocate quantities from the location (Customer site) and container (Site address).

  7. Click Close to return to 'Picking List. Report Lines' (MWS422/B1).

  8. Enter option 16 ='Confirm issues' to confirm each order line.

  9. Click Close.

  10. 'Picking List. Report' (MWS420) is displayed, where the entire delivery can be confirmed.

    In addition to the reporting in (MWS420), the status of the agreement lines is set to 40 (terminated) if the agreement line is not already terminated. If manual goods receipt is active, the status of individual items will be set to 30.

  11. Click Close to return to 'Individual Item. Check In' (STS130).

Goods Receipt

  1. Enter the agreement number and select option 17='Goods receipt'.

    'Goods Receipt DO/RO. Open Toolbox' (MWS442/B) is displayed.

  2. Select the delivery line or enter the delivery number and select option 11='Rep DO/RO'.

    'Goods Receipt DO/RO. Report Details' (MWS445/B) is displayed.

  3. Press F16='Confirm all' to confirm all detailed lines, or enter option 30='Confirm' to confirm line by line.

    Select option 16='Select location' if you want to change the put-away stock location on any of the detailed lines.

Check in Meter or Fuel Readings

  1. To check in a meter or fuel reading, select one of the following alternatives:

    • To check in a meter reading, select option 18='Check in meter reading' from 'Individual Item. Check-in' (STS130).

      'Meter Event. Report Readings' (SOS335) is displayed.

      If '8' is set in the panel sequence in 'Individual Item. Check-in' (STS130), you will have to start 'Meter Event. Report Readings' (SOS335) after you exit pick list reporting.

    • To check in a fuel reading, select option 19='Check in qty' from 'Individual Item. Check-in' (STS130).

      'Rental Agreement. Connect Additional Charge' (STS103/E) is displayed.

      If '9' is set in the panel sequence in 'Individual Item. Check In' (STS130), you will have to start 'Individual Item. Check In' (STS103) after you exit pick list reporting. You can also start 'Individual Item. Check In' (STS103) using option '19' in STS135.

  2. Enter the meter entry source and meter reading in 'Meter Event. Report Readings' (SOS335).

  3. Enter the check-in quantity and charge.

    The check-in fuel reading is entered. On the final invoice, the difference between the check-out quantity and the check-in quantity will multiplied by the charge.

  4. Press Enter to finish.

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