Invoice Rental Agreement

This document explains how to invoice a rental agreement.

Use this document to create an invoice proposal based on agreement lines from the rental agreement. You can invoice rental agreements that have not already been invoiced up to the next invoice date, or limit the selection to certain agreements, payers, individual item numbers, etc.


An invoice is created and sent to the customer.

The invoiced agreement is used to:

The following files are updated:

Before you start

An active agreement with the next invoice date later than the last invoice date must exist in 'Rental Agreement. Open' (STS100/E).

The following prerequisites must be met for a rental agreement line to be qualified for invoicing:

Follow These Steps

Follow the steps below to invoice a rental agreement line:

  1. Start 'Rental Invoice Proposal. Create' (STS800/E).

  2. Enter the next order date (invoice date).

    The date is used to select the agreement lines to be invoiced.

  3. To select the agreements to be invoiced, enter information in the following fields:

    • 'Agreement number'

      You can choose the appropriate range of agreements in the two agreement number fields.

      The alternatives are:

      • A single agreement
      • Up to five agreements with specified agreement numbers
      • Multiple agreements as a range of agreement numbers
    • 'Payer'

      Enter a valid payer.

    • 'Individual item number'

      Enter the individual item number of the rental object, or a range of individual item numbers.

    • 'Agreement order type'

      All rental agreements with the same agreement order type, or a range of agreement order types.

    • 'Item number'

      The item number is the unique ID of an individual item or equipment.

    • 'Agreement number'

      Enter a value, if there are five or less specific rental agreements to be invoiced.

  4. Press Enter to create an invoice proposal.

    If the 'Inv at Check-in' parameter in 'Rental Agreement Order Type. Open' (STS020/E) is set to 1='Yes', an invoice proposal will be created automatically during check-in. The invoice period will be up to the termination date of the rental agreement – which means the same as the check-in date if no prior termination date has been entered.

    Note: Packages must be predefined in 'Rental Package Structure Header. Open' to be used for entry in a rental agreement. Each package header holds the package price, which is automatically distributed to the package lines as defined in the package structure.

    A package can be invoiced only when:

    • All the included package lines have line status 50='Rental in progress'
    • The package is fully delivered to the customer

      The invoice price will be calculated for the entire period, until all the components of the package are returned/checked in.

Examine Invoice Proposal

  1. Start 'Rental Invoice Proposal. Update' (STS810/B).

    Start 'Rental Invoice Proposal. Update' (STS810/B).

  2. Select option 11='Prp agr lines' to examine proposed agreement lines.

    You can examine agreement lines in 'Rental Invoice Proposal. Update Lines' (STS811/B).

    All agreement lines included in the invoice proposal for this rental agreement are displayed.

  3. Select option 11='Line details' to examine the line details.

    You can examine line details in 'Rental Invoice Proposal. Update Line Detail' (STS812/B).

    The line charges for the selected rental agreement lines are also displayed.

  4. Select the following alternatives:

    • To approve the invoice proposal, return to 'Rental Invoice Proposal. Update' (STS810/B) and click F14='Approve proposals'.

      You can also approve an invoice proposal for an individual agreement by selecting option 8='Approve proposal'. The service order number created from the agreement proposal is displayed in 'Rental Invoice Proposal. Open' (STR810/B) or 'Rental Invoice Proposal. Open Line Details' (STR812/E).

    • To change the invoice proposal, start 'Rental Agreement. Open' (STS100/B) and make necessary changes in the agreement.

      The invoice proposal is regenerated in 'Rental Invoice Proposal. Create' (STS800/E).

    Note: The current invoice proposal must be deleted before changes are made to the rental agreement.

Print invoice

  1. Start 'SO Invoice. Print' (SOS180/E).

  2. If necessary, change the date when the record was invoiced.

    The invoice date and accounting date will be defaulted to today's date, but can be changed.

  3. If necessary, change the accounting date.

    It is preferable if the invoice date and accounting date are set to the same date.

    It does not have to be the current date, but must be within the valid accounting range. This range is defined in the detail record for the FAM function used for the entry in 'FAM Function. Open' (CRS405/B).

  4. Select one or more of the following alternatives in 'SO Invoice. Print' (SOS180/E) to generate the rental invoices:

    • Specify a Facility.
    • Specify a single SO number.
    • Specify an SO round.

      All invoice proposals that are invoiced in the same run (for example, by clicking F14= 'Crt inv orders') in 'Rental Invoice Proposal. Open' (STR810/B) are given the same creation round number (SO round). This number is displayed in 'Rental Invoice Proposal. Open Line Details' (STR812/E).

    • Specify a Payer.
    • Specify an SO type or an SO type range.

      Normal service invoices are not generated.

      Normal service invoices are not generated.

    • Specify a Delivery Date.
    • Specify a Warehouse.
  5. Press Enter to submit the job and to print the invoices.

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