Terminate a Rental Agreement

This document explains how you terminate a rental agreement. You can terminate an agreement both on the agreement header level and on agreement line level. If the termination is done on the header level, all lines that are still active will be terminated.


The agreement is deactivated.

You use the terminated agreement when the final invoice is calculated for the customer.

The following files are affected when you terminate a rental agreement:

Before you start

A valid rental agreement must exist in 'Rental Agreement. Open' (STS100).

Follow These Steps

  1. Start 'Rental Agreement. Open (STS100).

  2. Select an entered rental agreement.

  3. Enter option 11=Lines to proceed to 'Rental Agreement Lines. Open (STS101).

  4. On the E panel, enter termination date and a reason code for the termination.

    To ensure that the diary is correct, the valid to date should be changed to the now entered termination date.

    The status of the agreement and of the individual will now change to 40=Terminated.

    When a termination date is entered on an agreement line, this date is defaulted to the return DO's shipment date.

    Print Termination Documents

  5. Start 'Rental Agreement. Print Agreement Docs' (STS610).

  6. Enter the agreement number and select the termination note document.

  7. Press Enter to finish.

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