Creating Leasing Agreement Line

This document explains how a rental object is connected to a service agreement and leasing agreement and also priced.


When the agreement line has been processed

When the agreement line has been created it is used:

Before you start

A leasing agreement header must exist in 'Leasing Agreement. Open' (LTS100)

Follow These Steps

  1. Enter Rental Object

    You enter a rental object and connect it to the agreement header when specific object has been chosen for the customer. In case the rental object has not been manufactured or purchased, a temporary individual item is entered until the real object has arrived.

    You enter agreement lines in 'Leasing Agreement. Open line' (LTS101) reached from 'Leasing Agreement. Open' (LTS100).

  2. Calculate Price for Rental Object and Service

    You calculate the price of the rental agreement after the rental object has been entered. The agreement price consist of:

    • Leasing cost
    • Amortization
    • Interest rate
    • Service cost
    • Spare parts
    • Labor
    • Other cost
    • Insurance
    • Admin

    You calculate:

    • the agreement cost in 'Leasing Agreement. Calculate prices' (LTS105) reached from 'Leasing Agreement. Open lines' (LTS101)
    • the leasing costs in 'Leasing Agreement. Enter Leasing Conditions' (LTS107) reached from 'Leasing Agreement. Open Line' (LTS101) or (LTS105).
  3. Adjust Details

    You adjust details in the agreement when the pricing process is finished. Adjustments can be done to the

    • Price index
    • Delivery and collection information
    • Manually entered accounting string for the agreement
    • You adjust the agreement line in 'Leasing Agreement. Open Line' (LTS101)
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