Enter Calculation Data

This document explains how to calculate the leasing agreement line price for a customer.


The leasing agreement line is priced on the basis of:

The calculated agreement price is used:

Pre-calculation of the agreement line updates the following fields:

Before you start

A leasing agreement line with status 20 must exist in 'Leasing Agreement. Open Line' (LTS101).

Follow These Steps

Enter Settings

  1. Start 'Leasing Agreement. Open' (LTS100).

  2. Enter an agreement number and select option 11='Lines' to proceed to 'Leasing Agreement. Open lines' (LTS101/B1).

  3. Select an agreement line and select option 11='Pre Calculation' to proceed to 'Leasing Agreement. Pre Calculate' (LTS105).

  4. Click F13='Settings' to proceed to the P panel, where you specify the following:

    • Whether to display the individual item number or user-defined field 1, from the individual item file as the ID.

      The alternatives are:

    • 0 = Display individual item number
    • 1 = Display user-defined field 1
    • The date format to be used
  5. Click Next to return to 'Leasing Agreement. Pre Calculate' (LTS105).

Enter Index Values

  1. Select a predefined price index that states how the agreement price must be changed over the agreement period in the 'Price index' field.

  2. Enter an Index Adjustment percentage, or mark the parts of the kit that must be index adjusted.

    The Index Adjustment price is defaulted from the kit template, but can be changed. If an indexed part is entered as a percentage (%), the percentage is calculated from the total amount for the individual item. Although the index adjustment is applied to the total, you must enter the 'Idx adj' parameter for at least one detailed line. In this case, the parameter decides what line or lines to distribute the index adjustment amount to. If the index percentage is not used, the suffixes marked as index-adjusted are 100% index-adjusted.

  3. Examine and if necessary change information in fields proposed from the Price index.

    • 'Original index value'

      This field indicates the original index that was agreed on at the beginning of the agreement period. The difference between the original index and the current index determines the price increase between the original and current agreement.

    • 'Current index values'

      This field indicates the current value of an index.

    • 'Calculation index value'

      This field indicates the index used when the agreement price of the rental object was calculated. This is normally the same as the original index, unless the original index field is used to set the index of all objects in the same agreement.

Enter and Adjust Agreement Kit

  1. Select an agreement kit in the Identity field.

    This field indicates the ID of the kit to be used in product costing.

  2. Specify the following:

    • 'Shift'

      The number of shifts the rental object will be used in a day. The valid alternatives are:

    • 1 = 1 shift
    • 2 = 2 shifts
    • 3 = 3 shifts
    • 'SAG'

      If a service agreement line must be created automatically for each suffix line in the agreement kit, this field indicates if the amount on the suffix line in the product costing is copied to the service agreement, which is linked to the rental agreement.

  3. Click Next to proceed to 'Leasing Agreement. Pre Calculate' (LTS105/B).

    The kit lines are added to the lease item automatically, the current price and the original price are calculated, and the Tax Code is displayed.

    Note: When the Vertex solution for US Sales and Tax Calculation is integrated in M3 BE.

    Tax codes can be entered in:

    • The Tax Code field (Leasing) in 'Leasing Agreement Kit. Open Lines' (LTS451/E), which is accessed using option 11='Lines' from 'Leasing Agreement Kit. Open' (LTS450) or
    • 'Leasing Invoice Proposal' (LTS820), which is accessed using option 8='Approve Proposal' from 'Leasing Invoice Proposal. Open' (LTS810).


    • The tax code that is entered will be retrieved automatically from the item when a kit line is registered.
    • The Tax Code field is displayed for the detailed suffix (11, 12, 21, and 32) only, not for the summary suffix (10, 20, 30).
  4. Examine and change the kit lines, if necessary.

    New lines in the agreement kit are added by entering a line suffix and selecting a contract item in the 'Line Suffix' and 'Identity' fields. If necessary, the number of shifts and the current price are also entered.

  5. Update the price calculation by selecting F14='Update' and then selecting whether you want the calculation to result in:

    • Updated calculation

      Activate the 'Update Calculation' field.

    • Quotation with an optional automatic activation date

      By entering the following values:

    • Activate the 'Create Quotation' field
    • Enter a quotation description
    • Specify an activation date
  6. Press Enter to update calculation.

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