Invoice Leasing Agreement

This document explains how you invoice a current leasing agreement via an invoice proposal and invoice order.


An agreement invoice is created and sent to the rental customer. Agreements have been selected for an invoice proposal

The next order date for the agreement is moved one invoice interval forward.

The invoiced agreement is used to

See Invoicing Leasing Agreement

Before you start

An active agreement with next order date later than last invoice occasion and earlier than the current date must exist in 'Leasing Agreement. Open' (LTS100)

Follow These Steps

Create invoice proposal

  1. Start 'Leasing Invoice Proposal. Create' (LTS800)

  2. Enter up to which date the invoice for the agreement is to be calculated in the field 'To calculation date'.

  3. Enter which geographic area that is responsible for the agreement customer in the field Facility.

  4. Choose one or several of the fields below to select the agreements to be invoiced :

    • Agreement number – In the two agreement number fields you can choose between selecting:
    • Several agreement as range of agreement numbers
    • A single agreement
    • Up to five agreements with specified agreement numbers
    • Payer – The agreements with a specific payer
    • Individual item number – The specific item number of the rental object or a range of individual item numbers.
    • Line number – a specific line number, in case there is only oneor a range of agreement lines on an agreement to be invoiced
    • Agreement order type – All agreement with the same agreement order type or a range of agreement order types.
    • Agreement number – If there are five or less specific agreements to be invoiced.
  5. Press Enter to create an invoice proposal.

Examine invoice proposal (LTS810)

  1. Start 'Leasing Invoice Proposal. Open' (LTS810)

  2. Select option 11 to examine the proposal agreement lines in (LTS811)

  3. In (LTS811), select option 11 to examine the lines details in (LTS812)

  4. Select option 5 to examine charges in detail (LTS812/E)

    You can reach the next line suffix by pressing function key F8=Scroll forward or F7=Scroll backward

  5. Start 'Leasing Agreement. Open' (LTS100) and make corrections in the agreement. The invoice proposal is then regenerated in 'Leasing Invoice Proposal. Create' (LTS800). See Create Leasing Agreement Line.

Confirm invoice proposal (LTS810)

  1. Return to (LTS800) and Press F14=Create invoice order.

  2. It is also possible to create an invoice order for a single agreement by pressing option 14 in front of a specific agreement line.

    The service order number created from the agreement proposal is displayed in(LTS810/B) or (LTS812/E).

Print invoice (SOS180)

  1. Start 'SO Invoice. Print' (SOS180)

  2. Enter which date the record was invoiced in the field 'Invoice date'.

    Usually this is coinciding with the current date.

  3. Enter the date to which a transaction is to be placed chronologically in the general ledger.

    It need not be the current date, but must be within the valid accounting range. This range is defined in the detail record for the FAM function used for the entry in (CRS405).

    It is prefered if invoice date and accounting date is set to the same date.

  4. Choose either to

    • specify a single service order alternatively range or
    • specify a SO round alternatively range or

      All invoice proposals that are invoiced in the same run (for example by using function key F14=Crt inv orders) in (LTS810/B) are given the same creation round number (SO round). This number can be displayed in (LTS812/E).

    • specify a payer or
    • specify a SO type alternatively range
  5. Press Enter to submit the job to print out the invoices

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