Pre-calculating Agreement Line

This document explains how you calculate leasing agreement price on basis of agreement kit price and leasing cost for the rental object.


The pre-calculation fix a price for the rental agreement. The price is for a specific rental object and based on a specified sales price, agreement time, residual value and interest rate.

The calculated agreement price is used:

Before you start

An agreement line must exist in 'Leasing Agreement. Open Line' (LTS101)

Follow These Steps

  1. Select Agreement Kit

    You select a predefined leasing service kit to price the agreement. The kit contains contract items for amortization, interest cost, service labor and service spare parts.

    You enter the agreement kit in 'Leasing Agreement. Pre calculation' (LTS105) and create the agreement kits in 'Leasing Agreement Kit. Open' (LTS450).

  2. Enter Calculation Data

    You adjust the content of the agreement kit either by changing the amounts of the detail lines in the kit or by adding or removing suffix lines.

    The calculation can either be updated after the adjustments or saved as a quotation with a date for automatic activation.

    You enter the calculation data in (LTS105).

  3. Enter Leasing Information

    You create a leasing version to calculate the cost of the rental object. The leasing calculation is based on the price and residual value of the rental object, interest rate and rental period.

    You enter the leasing information in 'Leasing Agreement. Enter Leasing Conditions' (LTS107)

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