Manage Termination of Leasing Agreements

This document explains how you end a leasing agreement, calculate a termination fee/ refunding and check in the rental object.


When you have terminated the agreement, you have:

You use the terminated agreement:

The following files in M3 are affected when you terminate a leasing agreement:

Before you start

A valid leasing agreement must exist in 'Leasing Agreement. Open' (LTS100).

Follow These Steps

Compare agreed validity time with termination date

  1. Start 'Leasing Agreement. Open' (LTS100), Enter the desired agreement with option 11 to proceed to 'Leasing Agreement. Open lines' (LTS101).

  2. Enter the agreement line with option 5 to proceed to the E-panel.

  3. Examine the date in the 'Valid to' field to determine whether the agreement is terminated on time, before or after.

  4. If the agreement is terminated earlier/later than the agreed date a termination fee respectively refunding is to be calculated.

  5. Press F12 to return to the B panel.

Calculate termination fee/refunding

  1. Use option 11 to proceed to 'Leasing Agreement. Calculate' (LTS105). Enter option 11 in front of one of the lines to get to 'Leasing Agreement. Enter leasing conditions ' (LTS107). Enter option in front of any of the calculation lines to proceed to 'Leasing Agreement. Display Curve' (LTS108).

  2. Examine the outstanding rent and the residual value and decide agree with the customer about termination fee / refunding.

    The leasing curve only forms the basis for the discussion with the customer. The actual termination fee / refunding is settled after a negotiation between the customer and the rental company.

    The 'termination fee' field is currently not activated but this field will later be used on the termination reports.

  3. Press Enter to save the termination fee and F3 to return to (LTS101/B)

  4. Use option 15 to proceed to 'Leasing Agreement. Connect Additional Charge' (LTS103) and add the termination fee / refunding.

    The record type 2 (debiting when the agreement is invoiced for the last time) or 4 (debit for an entered date range) can be used for the termination fee. The record type 5 (credit for an entered date range) should be used for the refunding.

  5. Press F3 to return to (LTS101/B)

  6. Enter in the E-panel the agreed termination date in the 'End invoice date' field.

    The corresponding service agreement will automatically be updated with this date as 'Valid to date'

  7. Press Enter to proceed to the F-panel

  8. Select a reason why the agreement was terminated in the 'Reason termination' field.

  9. Press Enter to proceed to the H-panel

Enter collection information for the rental object

  1. Select to which warehouse the object is to be delivered in the 'To warehouse' field.

  2. Select how the rental object will be returned in the 'Delivery method' field.

    The alternatives are created in 'Delivery Method. Open' (CRS070).

  3. Enter date and time for when the rental object is to be returned in the 'Return day/time' fields.

  4. Enter information about the return of the rental object in the information fields:

  5. Select when the responsibility for the rental object is transferred from the customer to the rental company in the 'Delivery terms' field.

  6. 'Rental return ordered by' – In this field the name is entered of the person who ordered the return of the object.

  7. 'Returned order date' – In this field the date is entered for when the return transportation of the rental object was ordered.

  8. 'Freight agreement number' – in this field the number for the return freight is entered.

  9. Press Enter to save return deliver settings

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