Activate Leasing Agreement

This document explains how you start the leasing agreement once the rental object has arrived at the customer site.


The activation of the leasing agreement line:

The activated leasing agreement line is used to:

The following files are updated:

Before You Start

Follow These Steps

  1. Start 'Leasing Agreement. Open' (LTS100). Enter the desired agreement with option 11 to proceed to 'Leasing Agreement. Open Lines' (LTS101). Enter the agreement line with option 2 to proceed to the E panel.

  2. Examine, and change if necessary, the rental object in the 'Individual item number' field.

    If the rental agreement was created with a temporary item, this is exchanged for the regular rental object. Temporary items are used during agreement entry when the regular rental object needs to be manufactured or purchased.

  3. Enter the delivery date in the 'Inv start date' field.

  4. The agreement is activated for invoicing when you enter the start date.

    This means that the countdown starts for:

    • The next invoice date and
    • Remaining agreement periods.

Check out rental object

Note: If the object has already been checked out in (STS135), the pop-up window will not appear.
  1. Examine, and change if necessary, the checkout date proposed from the 'Inv start date' field.

  2. Press Enter to confirm the checkout date.

    The activation of the agreement line is completed and the agreement status is raised from 20 to 50.

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