Creating Leasing Agreement

This document explains how you create a leasing agreement for a customer with one or several rental objects.

The leasing agreement is created when a customer prefers a leasing to private ownership. The agreement has a fixed price and consists of both leasing and service.


You have created a leasing agreement that consists of:

Once the agreement is created it is used when:

Creation of a leasing agreement affects the following M3 files:

Before you start

The steps in Processing Leasing Agreements must be completed.

Follow These Steps

  1. Create leasing header

    Create a leasing header when the customer orders the rental object. The header consists of general information about customer, validity dates and type of agreement. This information will be the default for all the rental objects included in the agreement.

    You create the agreement header in 'Leasing Agreement. Open' (LTS100)

  2. Create leasing line

    The agreement line connects the rental object to the agreement. If the rental object will be purchased or manufactured specially for the customer, you create a temporary individual item until the actual serial number and the exact specifications are available. The rental price is calculated when the agreement lines are created.

    You create the agreement lines in 'Leasing Agreement. Open Lines' (LTS101)

  3. Print leasing documents

    You print the agreement documents when the registration of the agreement is finished. A copy of the agreement is then sent to the customer.

    You print the agreement document in 'Leasing Agreement. Print Agreement Documents' (LTS610)

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