Starting Leasing Agreement

This document explains how you start a leasing agreement.

The rental agreement is activated when the rental object is delivered to the customer.


You have a valid leasing agreement with a customer, stating:

Once the agreement is started it is used to:

The following M3 files are affected when you start a rental agreement:

Before you start

The steps in Processing Leasing Agreements must be completed.

Follow These Steps

  1. Update rental object

    You update the rental object when the purchased or manufactured rental object is delivered to the customer. The temporary object that was used during agreement registration is exchanged when the actual object is delivered.

  2. Check out rental object

    The checkout of a rental object must be used for all rental objects, although it mainly serves a purpose when you rent out an object for the second time. For newly manufactured or purchased objects, the rental object is delivered by the customer order.

    This process can either be automated or performed manually in 'Individual Item. Checkout' (STS135).

  3. Enter start dates

    You enter the start invoice date when the rental object is delivered to the customer. Usually the delivery date and the start invoice date are the same.

    The leasing agreement is started and a batch job automatically creates a service agreement for the rental object.

    Start dates are entered in 'Leasing Agreement. Create Lines' (LTS101), which is started from (LTS100).

  4. Print agreement documents

    When the agreement is started, the leasing documents are printed. Both your company and the customer keep a copy.

    You print the agreement documents in 'Leasing Agreement. Print Agreement Documents' (LTS610).

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