Copy Leasing Line

This document describes how to copy a leasing line to 'Rental Agreement. Open Lines' (STS201).


A leasing line is created in (STS201) with the same settings as the leasing line used for copying.

Before you start

Follow these steps

  1. Open (STS201) for the rental agreement where the new line should be added.
  2. Specify the agreement number to copy from on (STS201/B1). If you also specify the agreement line to copy from, only this line will be available for copying in the next step.

    Press Enter to confirm your selection. (STS126) is opened.

  3. Select the line that should be copied and use option 3='Copy' to copy the line.

    A new line has been created for your agreement number.

  4. Close (STS126) to return to (STS201).

If needed, you can edit the new leasing line using (STS201). For example, update the leasing curve using related option 46='Calculate Leasing' and update the leasing charges using related option 15='Addnl charges'.

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