Six-Day Week Rate Calculation in Rental

This document describes how to use a six-day week for rate calculations in rental, so that rental rates can be based on a six-day week rate.


To obtain a flexible rate calculation in rental, three different days per week can be used: five days/week, six days/week and seven days/week. Depending on which of these is chosen, different prices are retrieved from the appropriate price list.


The six-day week rental rate calculation in rental requires that the system calendar has six delivery days per week in CRS900.

Follow These Steps

  1. Start 'Rental Agreement Order Type. Open' (STS020) and set No. days/week=6 and Rate factor=6.

    • No. days/week: Determines how many days in a week the customer is invoiced for (that is, whether or not the weekend is included). The valid values are 5 days/week, 6 days/week and 7 days/week.
    • Rate factor: Determines how a weekly rate is broken down into a daily rate. The valid values are 5, 6 and 7.
  2. Start 'Rental Price List. Open' (STS017) and select option 11='Short-term rent'.

    'Serv Price List. Enter Rental Rates' (STS120) appears. Select option 2=Change for an item and in STS120/E make sure that the fields Rate/week(6) and Rate/month(6) contain values.

  3. Start 'Rental Agreement. Open' (STS100) and create an agreement header with the agreement order type above. When coming to 'Rental Agreement. Open Lines' (STS201), enter the item above.

    In STS201/F, the correct rental rate should have been retrieved from the appropriate price list for the appropriate shift. (Rate/week(6) or Rate/month(6) depending on whether a weekly or monthly rate type is used.)

  4. Activate the agreement, deliver the equipment and create an invoice proposal.

    The correct rate should be used on the invoice proposal.

  5. You can use the same functionality for Meter Pricing and Package Pricing and Stepped Pricing.


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