Adding Contact Persons to Rental Agreement

This document describes how to create and maintain customer contacts on rental agreements lines.

Rental agreements are often driven by a well-developed relationship between the rental department and the individual contacts at the customer offices. Orders may be connected, searched and emailed to the individual contacts instead of the main customer address.


When a rental agreement lines is created from 'Rental Agreeement. Open Lines' (STS201), it will automatically connect existing customer contacts that belong to the same customer site (address). You can also select option 44=Connect Contact from (STS201) to manually add contacts in 'Add Contact Person to Rental Agreement' (STS119). In this case the contacts do not need to be connected to the customer in 'Customer. Connect Contact' (CMS055); they just need to be defined in 'Contact Person. Open' (CRS618). There are related options added to program 'Rental Agreement. Open' (STS100 panel A or B) and program 'Rental Agreement. Create' (STS085).

You can also use the API (STS119MI) with the following transactions:


This solution automatically connects rental contacts to rental agreement lines.

Before You Start

The following programs must be updated.


Access (STS119) where you will see the contacts that are connected to the agreement line. These can be added automatically, or manually.

In (STS119), you will be able to quickly add both new and existing contacts to an existing rental agreement line. Display all rental agreements and rental agreement lines for a selected contact by selecting F17 in 'Rental Logistics Toolbox. Open' (STS140). This will open (STS119) where you can use sorting order 3 and display all rental agreements and rental agreement lines for a selected contact.

Follow These Steps

  1. Create a customer contact by entering one or more contact persons in (CRS618).

  2. Create a customer by entering customers in (CRS610).

  3. Connect a contact person to a customer by selecting option 29='Connect contact' in (CRS610). This option will start (CMS055).

  4. Connect a contact to a customer.

    • In (CMS055), the contact person defined in (CRS618) is connected to the customer defined in (CRS610).
    • For a contact to be created in (STS119), perform the following steps beginning with creating an agreement in 'Rental Agreement. Open' (STS100) with agreement lines in (STS201).

      Create an agreement in 'Rental Agreement. Open' (STS100) and add lines in (STS201).

      After you add the line, (STS119) is updated with input from (CMS055). If you want to, you can manually add new contacts here.

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