Define Item for Rental Agreement

This document explains how to define various types of rental items in 'Item. Open' (MMS001). A rental item is an object that is rented out based on the terms and condition of a rental agreement.

Before you start

The rental process depends on the use of the 'Maintenance integration' parameter 'MXMI' in 'Company. Connect Division' (MNS100). If 'MXMI' is selected, the rental with maintenance integration is used. If not selected, classic rental is used.


It is not possible to:

Defining and maintaining the generic item

In order to define the relationship between the generic item and the group of equipment that it represents, the programs 'Generic Rental Item. Open' (STS045) and 'Generic Rental Item Connect Equipment. Open' (STS046) are used. The generic item can be used at rental agreement line entry, and at delivery the generic item number is replaced with the item and serial number that is actually delivered. Generic item is only used if 'Maintenance integration' is selected in 'Company. Connect Division' (MNS100).

Because generic items are maintained at warehouse level, the same generic item can exists in multiple warehouses.

Item settings for a generic item in (MMS001) are:

Note:  'Item. Connect Warehouse' (MMS002) record must exist before a generic item for the warehouse can be created.

Connect item and serial number to a generic item

Single serial numbers should be specified as part of a generic item. If the serial number key is left blank when creating a record, all serial numbers of that item, except those serial numbers that are already included as part of another generic item, will be included in the generic item. A given piece of equipment cannot be included in more than one generic item.

Define rental alias

The alias number is used instead of items during rental agreement line registration. Depending on the settings, the alias number has slightly different functions:

Rental alias number

When creating an Alias number in 'Rental Alias Number. Connect Itm/Itm Grp' (STS465), an 'Item number' must exist in (MMS001) and in (MMS002).

In (STS465), specify the following fields:

Define rental package

The Package structure is used to:

A package structure consists of a package header and package lines. Package headers are connected to rental agreements when rental agreement lines are created.

The Package Header is created in 'Rental Package. Open Header' (STS455) and the Package Line is created in 'Rental Package. Open Line' (STS456).

The package structure price is set in 'Rental Package Prices' (STS125), meaning that the pricing of the package is separated from the definition of the package. (STS125) is reached from 'Rental Price List' (STS017).

Note:  A package can only be invoiced when it is fully delivered and the line status of the package header is '50=Rented'.

Package header

When creating a Package Header in 'Rental Package. Open Header' (STS455), a service expense must exist in 'Service Expenses. Open' (SOS408).

In (STS455), enter the following fields:

Package line

The package header is connected to package lines in 'Rental Package. Open Line' (STS456). Package lines are used when packages are rented to customers and contain information such as item ID, line type, quantity, price factor, etc, for the equipment included in the packages. The package line created can be connected to the rental agreement lines.

In (STS456) enter the following fields:

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