Mass Update of Rental Lines

'Rental Agreement. Mass Update Rental Lines' (STS114) is a program that you can use to perform mass update of rental lines, through a single security screen entry. This updates table STAGLI and follows the same set of rules that are used when handling rental agreement lines in 'Rental Agreement. Open Lines' (STS201), with the exception of field 'Return to warehouse' which is only editable for temporary agreement and quotation agreement and not firm agreement.

To edit the field 'Return to warehouse' on a firm agreement, it must be performed for each line in 'Rental Agreement. Open Lines' (STS201) or in 'Rental Agreement. Display Line Details' (STS220).

Function program STAGLIPI performs the update executed from (STS114).

The following fields are available for update: Valid from, Valid to, Supplier, Payer, Invoice address, Days/week, Rate type, Price list, Hold invoicing, Delivery method-delivery, Delivery day/time, Number of shifts, Rate factor, Next invoice date, Termination date, Reason termination, Delivery terms-delivery, Delivery method-return, Pick-up day/time, Delivery terms-return, Customer site, Delivery from warehouse, Return to warehouse.

In (STS114/P), it is possible to specify if the fields should be 2-Editable, 1-Displayed, or 0-Not displayed. There is also a possibility to add an agreement number line interval to specify which lines should be updated.

This functionality can be accessed from 'Rental Agreement. Open' (STS100), 'Rental Agreement. Open Lines' (STS201) and 'Rental Logistics Toolbox. Open' (STS140).

Before you start

A valid agreement header and a valid agreement line must exist along with the required basic data for rental agreement handling.

Follow these steps

  1. Start 'Rental Agreement. Mass Update Rental Lines' (STS114) using one of these methods:

    • Related option 27='Mass update of lines' in (STS100)
    • Action F23='Mass update of lines' in (STS201)
    • Related option 27='Mass update of lines' in (STS140)
  2. Select option F13='Settings' to display (STS114/P). Select the fields to include in the mass update process.

  3. Navigate back to (STS114/E) and enter the fields that should be updated for the agreement lines that are valid in the line interval.

  4. Click Enter and the selected lines will be updated with the entered field values, following the rules used in 'Rental Agreement. Open Lines' (STS201). If the rules are not satisfied the agreement line will not be updated for that specific value. For all field values that are valid, an update of the agreement lines will be performed.

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