Creating Work Orders from Rental Agreement Lines

Activating a rental agreement can automatically trigger the creation of a work request. To enable this, the rental agreement line must have an additional charge that specifies a service definition.

The capability to specify a service definition has been added to 'Contract Item. Open' (SAS450) and 'Rental Agreement. Connect Additional Charge' (STS103). Additional charges can be connected to the rental agreement line automatically by using 'Additional Charge. Connect to Item' (STS590).

Note: This process is not intended to manage turn-around service or off-hire inspection service.


It is sometimes necessary to perform work on the equipment in connection with a rental agreement. Examples of this are:


This functionality only deals with the creation of the work request. It includes no changes to the work order processing or any added integration to the rental agreement line. This implies:

Work requests will be created when an agreement line is activated. It will not be possible to create a work order by adding an additional charge to an already active agreement line.


Follow These Steps

Follow the configuration instructions to enable automatic creation of work orders on rental agreement activation.

  1. Start STS100 and create a rental agreement.

  2. Use option 11=Lines to access STS201 and create an agreement line with line type 5. Use an item number that is set up for automatic work order creation. The additional charge with the service ID will be created automatically. Use option 15='Addnl charges' to verify.

  3. In STS201, select action F14='Crt agreement'. STS109 will be displayed. Set 'Crt agreement' to 2 (Active agreement).

Configuration Set up

  1. In MOS300, define the service that should be used by the rental agreement work order.

  2. In SAS450, create a contract item representing this service. Fill in the 'Service ID' and 'Structure type' fields on SAS450/E and an agreement price, if applicable.

  3. In STS590, connect the contract item to the rental equipment's item number.

Parameters to set

Program ID Field Heading Description
SAS450/E Service id The service ID that should be used by the work order.
SAS450/E Structure type The structure type that should be used by the work order.
STS590/E Record type

Defines when the charge is invoiced. This also determines the start date of the work order.

1 = Debit first invoice: First valid date of rental agreement line

2 = Debit last invoice: Last valid date of rental agreement line

3 = Debit every invoice: First valid date of rental agreement line

4 = Debit date range: First valid date of additional charge

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