Project Messages

Project messages are created in the M3 mailbox. They provide project and subproject managers with information on important events in a project.

The following message types are used within Project Management:

Message type Description
800 Project started
801 Project finished
802 Activity started
803 Activity stopped
804 Activity not started
805 Activity not stopped
806 Start activity
807 Stop activity
808 Action to be taken on checklist remark
809 Action not taken on checklist remark
810 Quotation ready for review
811 Quotation approved
812 Quotation accepted
813 Quotation not accepted
814 Change order accepted
815 New schedule version created
816 New project manager appointed
817 New budget version created
818 New forecast version created
819 New costing version created
820 New information version crated
821 Milestone achieved
822 Date for PO outside planning range
823 Date for MO outside planning range
824 Date for requisition/distribution order outside planning range
825 Date for WO not within planning range
826 Checklist is activated
827 Remark on check list has been performed
831 Actual exceeds budget
832 Actual exceeds forecast
841 Partial payment received
842 Full payment received
890 Project milestone is overdue
891 Process milestone is overdue
892 Actual date has been set on project milestone
893 Actual date has been set on process milestone.