Start Project

This procedure is used to start a project.

Before you start

To start this procedure, advance invoicing must have activity status 60.

When not using advance invoicing, you can quick-start the project.

Follow these steps

  1. Start 'Project. Open' (POS091).

  2. Specify option 11=Consists-of for the appropriate project to display its structure.

  3. Specify option 21=Open/close project for the main project element.

  4. If the reporting level is set in the main project element, go to step 5. Otherwise, specify the part of the project to start, and press Enter. 'Project. Open/Close' (POS062) is called.

  5. If necessary, specify quick-start for the project (if this is not set in the project order type). Press Enter.

  6. Press F5=Refresh to update the project.

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